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CWA - ITMG WebDev Inc.

2nd floor Unit 2 A/B
Marcelita Bldg.Mayapa.
Calamba City
Philippines 4027


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About CWA

Clinic Web Assistant (CWA) is an online Clinic Practice Management Software,it is perticularly intended to deal with the greater part of your clinic administration needs. CWA is ideal for practices of any size, from solo practitioner to enterprise class health networks.

Why CWA?

Low Cost Clinic Management System

Intuitive Design

Direct to the point system flow

Complies with the most Clinic processes in the Philippines

Custom module upon request

Compatible to any device



Easily register by clicking the START YOUR 15-DAY TRIAL button and start inputting your details! This process enables you to try your very own Clinic Web Assitant in just a snap!


Verification process takes place very easily. This is done by clicking the link that is sent by our verification team to your registered email address, then viola! You’d be redirected to your CWA dashboard.

Setup your Clinic

Simply set up your clinic by filling up all the necessary information. Personalization has never been this easy!


Whether you are using a desktop or a laptop, CWA enables you to create your chartings easily.

Maintain Privacy!

Web-based system also offers proper care to privacy of its clients. Thus, Clinic Web Assistant had been encrypted and password-protected to ensure safeness

Appointment Made Easy!

Web based appointment booking was the primary thing that we develop for CWA thus, it works flawlessly with your clinic's timetable. There's never a deferral or disparity in what a patient finds in online booking versus what your staff sees.


Coordinated with your Clinic
Notify Thru Email
Low Storage Requirement
Super Responsive
Access Patient Database,
Digitalized Charting
Inventory Management
Electric Data-Capturing
Accurate Data Filtering
and Exporting
Reliable and Efficient
Advance Reporting System
Send Receipts Online


Clinic web assistant (CWA) is a cloud-based platform made for doctors and their patients for ease of communication and interaction. This internet-dependent system allows doctors and staffs to access patient database anytime, anywhere. As for the patients, scheduling of appointment has been made easy with their open-access to the doctor’s web portals. This system is also equipped with necessary information, specific for their specialization, for doctor’s diagnosis following the standard SOAP procedure.
Doctors, and their staff, are the primary end-users of the CWA for it is designed to help them to more automated and paperless daily clinical transactions.

We have three (3) available bundles for you to choose from: Basic, Advance, Pro.

Basic Account includes a single clinic, one registered doctor, single registered staff, and a single CWA Theme.

For the Advance package, you are entitled to register at most two (2) clinics, two (2) doctors, two (2) registered staffs, and two (2) themes. Plus, you will be able to access the medicinal database, and have an inventory, billing, and HMO management.

While for the best deal so far, the Pro Package includes four (4) clinics, unlimited doctors, and unlimited staffs. You also have three (3) different themes to choose from! Of course, you will have access to the medicinal database, as well as the inventory, billing and HMO Claims management. An additional feature of this package is the Customer Relation Help Desk who is always ready to answer your call or go to your clinic whenever you have questions or difficulties in using the program.

First things first! Of course you have to START YOUR 15-DAY TRIAL to get started. After inputting all necessary information, our development team will send you a link to access your very own Clinic Web Assistant. After the 15 days of engaging to the system with ease and satisfaction, you can now avail one of our packages to start using the system as long as you want, anytime, anywhere!
Of course, your staff can use it. Upon the registration process, details of your staff will be required for he is also entitled to have access in the CWA installed in your clinic. However, according to the master user, or the Doctor himself, there will be limitations on what the staff can only access.
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For questions, queries, or just something you want to clarify, you can reach our sales team thru the contact information below.
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Clinic Setup

0917 643 2513

(049) 545 3063

Unit 2A/B @ floor Marcelita Bldg
National Road, Mayapa, Calamba City.

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-Dra. Zse Garibay

"us mollis ipsum at varius. Suspendisse at augue nulla. Quisque malesuada, ex eu interdum iaculis, "

-Dra. Zse Garibay

"us mollis ipsum at varius. Suspendisse at augue nulla. Quisque malesuada, ex eu interdum iaculis, "

-Dra. Zse Garibay

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